We are a Biblically-based fee-only Christian Financial Advisor firm that specializes in providing financial advice and Christian money management. We help our clients become better Christian financial stewards of the money God has blessed them with. 

Christian Financial Planner

If you you a Christian believer that is searching for a competent Christian financial advisor or financial planner to help you manage the money that God has blessed you with, we can help. Our advisors are fee-only Christian financial advisors that follow biblical financial principles to advise clients to help them become better financial stewards.


Learning to be an effective steward of the finances that God has entrusted to us is difficult for many Christian investors. You don't need to be alone struggling with financial stewardship decisions. The Bible encourages us to seek financial wisdom and Godly counsel in order to be effective stewards of the God has provided. One challenge is to find someone with similar Christian financial values as you. Working with a competent Christian financial adviser to help you maintain your Christian financial values can be very advantageous for achieving your faith-based goals while working to maximize investment performance.

We don't sell investment or financial products. Our commitment is to provide our clients quality, honest advice in the management of Christian money. As fee-only financial planners and Christian investment managers, we provide Biblically based fiduciary advice and make specific investment recommendations based on your Christian beliefs and the needs of you and your family.

As Christian investment advisors, we apply Biblically-based Christian financial planning principles and Christian financial values that help clients with wealth management issues. The Bible has over 2200 verses of scripture that tell us wisdom on how to deal with money, finances, investments and financial planning and we use them as a guide when working with our clients. Some of those verses deal with topics such as: budgets, debt, financial planning, greed, contentment, savings, investing, tithing and much more. God calls us to become wise financial stewards and we are instructed to follow the financial wisdom in the Bible.

Many Christian believers are looking for a faith-based Christian Financial Planner that blends our faith along with traditional financial planning standards. Our advisors manage investment accounts with Christian financial concepts in mind for our client's financial stewardship accounts and use socially-responsible funds. In order to be effective stewards for our clients we follow Christian financial concepts and strategies that work to avoid investments such as abortion, pornography, gambling, alcohol and tobacco.

Our advisors are fee-only financial planners and believers in the principles of the Larry Burkett ministry Crown Financial Ministries and Christian Financial Concepts. As Biblical financial planners who believe in Christ Jesus, we feel the fee-only fiduciary method is the best approach to offering the most ethical advice for our Christian clients since we give advice and don't sell financial products.


If you are looking for a Christian financial advisor,

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We can provide personalized investment account management

for portfolios of $100,000 or more


Elderado Financial is a Christian Financial Planning firm that will help give you wisdom to manage your money with Biblically based investment advice. Most investors need a Crown Money Map to help them have financial peace, so if working with a Christian Financial Advisor appeals to you, we encourage you to consider our firm for your financial services needs. You can gain confidence in wise stewardship with the money God has entrusted you. We can help you with Christian Family Wealth Stewardship by: ensuring that you can maintain your current Christian lifestyle, eliminating estate taxes and capital gains taxes and reduce annual income taxes, pass on an inheritance to your heirs, increase your giving to Christian ministries, and maximize your God given talents, passions and life-purpose.

Christians investors are wise to hire Christian Financial Professionals because the investor and advisor share similar Christian financial morals and beliefs. The Christian advisor understands Biblical principles such as tithing, budgeting, saving for the future, investing and giving to the needy. Christian investment managers will recommend socially-responsible faith-based investments for your portfolio.

Professional Qualifications

  • Experienced Christian Financial Consultants and Advisors specializing in the financial planning profession since 1993

  • Jim Elder is a former financial consultant for Larry Burkett’s organization Christian Financial Concepts.

  • The financial book, "WealthCare - Power Principles to help you achieve financial Security is authored by the company's founder, Jim Elder. This Biblically based financial book helps employer savers to achieve their financial goals.

  • Founded The Financial Health Fair, a 501(c)3 non-profit Biblically-based financial organization

  • 'Dollars and Sense', a bi-monthly financial magazine, provided insightful articles on financial planning and investment management

  • Jim Elder is the founder of CFPN - Christian Financial Planner Network, a monthly meeting for Christian Financial Professionals.

  • Our Christian advisors are active community members lending their expertise and financial guidance to businesses, associations, churches and other community groups as well as serving in Rotary International.

  • We serve as fiduciaries in the best interest of our clients as a Registered Investment Advisor firm.

A fiduciary financial advisor is held to a higher ethical standard than non-fiduciary advisors. We do not sell investment or insurance products to our clients, however we act in our client's best interests. As a fee-only Christian financial planners and Christian investment advisors we offer un-biased advice to our clients.
As Biblical financial planners believing in Christ Jesus, we feel the fee-only fiduciary method is the best approach to offering the most ethical advice for our Christian clients by managing your investments under a fee-only model. We are only successful through the success of our clients.

Christian Values

The Bible has over 2000 verses that tell us wisdom on how to deal with money, finances, investments and financial planning. We use the Bible as a guide when working with our clients. Bible verses focus on topics such as: budgets, debt, financial planning, greed, contentment, savings, investing, tithing and much more.

Our Services

Financial Planning

Christian Investors have more choices than ever when it comes to deciding how to manage God's money and more reasons to be careful about whom they trust to make investment decisions.

Investment Management

The investment landscape has become more complex in recent years. Christian investors are called to be good stewards of God's money and that includes investing. 

Retirement Planning

The face of retirement is changing and planning for a secure future for you and your loved ones requires a vigilant plan that takes into account the current strain on our employer retirement plans and the shortfalls of Social Security.


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